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Stand up and work!

All you have to do is stand up at work - instead of sitting. It is a fact that, in terms of calories consumed, standing for three hours each working day for a month equates to running a full marathon. StandUp is an ergonomic work station mat that help you to stand up without getting tired. 
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Feel good at work!

Half of your waking hours are spent at work.  That is precisely why it is important that you work in as smart a way as possible, with the right equipment to make your body feel good 

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Train at the office! Stand up and work.

Did you know that you can burn 400 calories extra, just by standing at work? It equals 6 kilometers of running and is a smart everyday motive for those who want to save time while getting a stronger and healthier body. On our site standupmarathon.se you can easily check how many extra calories you burn by standing while taking you from start to finish in a digital New York marathon.  

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LightUp by Matting

Health is significantly affected by the type of lighting at your workplace. Good light conditions reduce the risk of unnecessary disorders such as head­aches, and pain in the neck and shoulders. This is because the body tries to compensate for poor light conditions by tensioning the muscles. Asymmet­rical lighting provides targeted light distribution, for the best light, the lamp should be placed to the left for a right-handed person and vice versa. 

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Jobmate Touch - with trackpad

Jobmate Touch provides a completely new way of working with an ergonomic mouse. The pure, thin design and the large, smooth trackpad with smart func­tions makes work both simpler and easier.  

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Yoga PUR - workplace mat

A highly effective workplace mat with a bub­ble surface which provides excellent relief when working standing up. The bubbles stimulate increased blood circu­lation and provide gentle comfort.  

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ActiveS School -
for active study

 An active work environment produces more alert pupils who can concentrate more easily and have more desire to learn. By giving children the opportunity to stand up and work, we are creating a natural element of activity in the classroom. It has been demonstrated that just 10 minutes of activity per hour counteracts the negative effects of sitting down.  

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